28 December 2014

Winter Florals, Art Nouveau Fairy Brooch, New Year's Resolutions

I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the season's festivities, whatever your faith or personal beliefs. I had a low-key Christmas in the city, but it's been lovely having time off and getting to spend time with family. I didn't do any major sales shopping after Xmas, but there were a few select items I'd had my eye on for some time online, and I was happy to find these pieces in my size at considerably reduced prices. I'm looking forward to getting dressed up soon and taking some images of them for the blog.

Anyway, back to my current outfit images. I wore this outfit on a recent Saturday while running errands in Central London. I love this teal green jumper with a vibrant winter floral print in deep colours on the front. I also captured a few images at home in the same jumper. Lately I've been struggling with the cold, and can't manage to stay outside for very long, which is why there are more indoor images in this post. It's always much better taking pictures outside, so it's slightly disheartening when I can't get out as much. At least the print on this jumper lifts my mood, even in the depths of winter. While out and about, I kept the rest of the styling a classic black, and donned my favourite fairy brooch, which is Art Nouveau inspired.
Jumper - Oasis, Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben De Lisi (similar), Blazer - A Wear, Trainers - Lonsdale, Brooch - Covent Garden Market, Gloves - Sainsbury's, Purple heart hair slide - Fenwick

As the year draws to a close, I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions, and especially my approach to shopping. Years ago I had a compulsive shopping habit, and alongside this habit, was the problem of excessive clutter in my home. Since having a massive de-cluttering operation in my living space, and adopting a much more sensible approach with regard to spending and waste, I now think very carefully about every single thing I buy. I ask myself whether I will really wear that new item, and if I already have something similar. I only buy things which I truly love and can see myself wearing for a lifetime, and try to seek out investment pieces which won't date. I still have to make a conscious effort to stay sensible when I'm out shopping, as there are so many bright, shiny things threatening to distract me. However, I'm now able to avoid impulse buys and make better choices. I take care not to spend beyond my means, which actually feels much better. As I don't want to feel fashion-deprived, I've found more resourceful ways of looking nice, such as seeking out offers, and customising items, or repairing accessories which can still be worn. Though I don't really believe in resolutions which are strictly for the New Year, and would rather view resolutions as ongoing and continuous, this is an approach to shopping I'm determined to follow into the New Year, and beyond.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. If you like Truly Madly Deeply Fashion, do follow me on social media and feel free to add your comments here, as I love hearing from you. Stay tuned for a special post coming up to mark my upcoming birthday!

11 December 2014

Winter Sadness, Vintage Deer Brooch, Heart Print Collar Jumper

I'm so happy to return to blogging after a hectic interlude focused around work, commuting, daily chores and errands, along with a major seasonal adjustment which has left me wanting to hibernate! For me, winter means a time of reflection and withdrawing a little from the world. I miss the sunlight and the sensation of being warm. The chill of getting ready in the mornings is an unwelcome reminder of the even harsher weather to come. These days the effort of venturing outside into the wintry gloom consumes so much of my life force, that Friday evening can't come around fast enough! Oh to migrate to a warmer climate and experience year-round sun!

Despite my melodramatic response to the onset of real winter weather here in London, I'm happy to report it's not all doom and gloom on the fashion front, as there are lots of autumn / winter fashion trends I truly, madly, deeply love. My summer wardrobe consists of many more tops than my winter wardrobe, and definitely has more variety. However, I always find it a challenge to find knitwear which really meets my requirements of being flattering but also wearable, with a nicely defined shape for a strong silhouette. Most jumpers seem to swamp my frame and look rather shapeless. I'm always drawn to delicate prints and colourful details, and peter pan collars are a perennial style obsession for me. So I was really happy to find this lovely heart print collar jumper from Oasis recently in a powder blue shade, which meets all my requirements, and which I've already worn a few times. Until recently, I was able to wear it with just my blazer and a basic top underneath, as October and November were mild here compared with our normal temperatures. But the jumper will serve me just as well during the current colder temperatures, with a heavy winter coat on top.

Jumper - Oasis, Circular hair clip - Moda Moda, Blazer - A Wear, Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben De Lisi (similar), Sunglasses - Ted Baker at T.K Maxx, Brooch - Ebay, Gloves - Accessorize, Bag - Sainsbury's, Trainers - Lonsdale

While out and about, I wore my vintage deer brooch with marcasite stones on the lapel of my blazer, which was an Ebay purchase. The seller couldn't give me exact information on when the piece dated from, other than saying it was from the 1940s or '50s. I loved it so much I was willing to pay more for it at auction, but luckily I didn't have to, as I was the sole bidder on this overlooked treasure.
Hopefully the rest of you are staying warm and tolerating the cold better than I am!