14 March 2015

Goth Love (Part 5) - Made in London

      Blouse & Blazer - A Wear, Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben de Lisi (similar), Footwear -
Lonsdale, Sunglasses - Ted Baker at T.K Maxx, Bag - Amazon
Hello lovely readers! I'm back with an all-black ensemble for the fifth installment of my Goth Love series. Even though I love vibrant colours and have been drawn to them increasingly of late, I never stray completely from tried and trusted all-black. During my high school years, our uniform consisted mainly of black. Girls had the option of wearing trousers or a skirt, and mercifully the school tie (in a questionable colour combination), was optional rather than compulsory attire. While I was hardly a trendsetter back then, it was quite an easygoing uniform and I didn't mind it too much. I was even able to sneak in some black trainers too, which went unnoticed by my teachers! I never liked school very much, at least the social aspect, but those early habits help to explain some of my wardrobe choices now. Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with entirely new outfits five days a week, so I do sometimes stick to a system for dressing, which helps me put together outfits when I'm struggling in the imagination department. In the summer months and beyond, I'm looking forward to trying a few different looks and also reviving some old favourites. But for certain occasions, I just want to revert to my goth love and indulge in a little drama (of the sartorial variety). 

These pictures are from the images I took back in late September, before my blog design had been finalised. It was autumn when the blog made its debut, and so the images weren't appropriate for the colder weather at the time. Although it's still quite cold at times, I will be wearing this outfit again during the spring / summer season, in nearly the same way. 

On this particular day, I headed to Central London for a weekend photo expedition. For my jaunt (yes, jaunt), I started off in Victoria Embankment Gardens, where there were impressive flower beds in an array of colours. I then walked along the river and explored nearby, and ended up in a private corporate garden with a fountain, which to my delight I was allowed to use for my photo session undisturbed.

Necklace - Vintage (Ebay - similar)

Do you sometimes use a system for getting dressed? Or perhaps your past school uniform still haunts you to this day? Please get in touch by leaving your comments below. If you like Truly Madly Deeply Fashion, remember to follow me on Bloglovin' for instant updates! 
I'll leave you with these images from Victoria Embankment Gardens, and the River Thames. 


  1. hello,ciao Saba
    the all black look is so charming on You!
    and nice photos with beautiful scenery

  2. great picks! blouse is very elegant ,I like your necklace-beautiful.
    have a nice day!