23 August 2015

Blogs to Inspire - The Style of Terry

I'm very excited to share a different kind of post today, which spotlights one of my favourite bloggers, Terry from U.S-based blog The Style of Terry. Regular readers will recall Terry from our previous collaboration in May (Twenty Questions). Always immaculately dressed, Terry recently gave me an exclusive interview which provides insight into his blogging journey and personal style influences. There are also some words of advice from the super-blogger and all-round nice guy, and a compilation of five of the best looks from The Style of Terry, as chosen by yours truly.

When did you first develop an interest in blogging?
​Probably about four or five years ago now, when I first started to become really interested in fashion and style. I wanted to do something to chronicle the evolution of my own personal style.​

What brought about this new appreciation for all things fashion and style?
My interest, oddly enough, came from television. Project Runway, to be specific. I was channel surfing one day, and ended up on an old episode. There was just something about it that caught my eye, and I was instantly hooked. I never wanted to be a designer, but it opened up my eyes to the world of fashion and style. I started watching religiously and loyally since about season six (currently at season 14). I started tweeting about my thoughts on Twitter, and before I knew it, the Project Runway Twitter people started following me, and some of the designers on various seasons.
Tell us a little more about your blog, The Style of Terry, and how the idea for it developed.
The Style of Terry is a spin-off of my original blog, Terry's Two Cents. I had initially created Terry's Two Cents to be my personal style blog, and also to post my thoughts (or "two cents"), and do collaborations on. After many years, it occurred to me that my personal style diary really didn't fit on there anymore. I needed to separate the two.​

You're known for being a sharp dresser, and for your extensive collection of watches. How would you define your personal style?
​That's really difficult. I don't really compare myself with most of the other menswear bloggers, because they tend to be all about wearing suits, or higher end brand name clothing, which I can't afford. I guess I would consider my style to be "stylish everyday" style. I like to dress to look nice for myself, but also to wear what's practical for my job. I work in IT, and am running around, crawling under desks and moving things, so I can't really wear suits and such.
When it comes to your personal style, what inspires you? Do you have any style icons? 
I actually don't have any specific style icons. By nature, I'm a people watcher. I love to watch people go about their daily lives, and see what they're wearing. I get inspiration from that. Most of my inspiration, however, comes from the style bloggers. Not so much the male ones, but the female ones. The ladies really love to mix colours, prints, fabrics, and so on. If they can do it, why can't I? If I had only stuck to watching the male bloggers, I don't think my personal style would be what it is today. What I do for a living (and my bank balance, haha) just doesn't lend itself to wearing tailored suits all day, every day.

Be honest, do you spend ages getting ready in the mornings?
​Honestly, I don't! I'm TERRIBLY lazy in the mornings. Sometimes I will pick out what I want to wear the night before, but most of the time, I just put a look together in the morning before heading off to work.​

What is your favourite all-time accessory which has stood the test of time?
​I don't really have any long-term accessories in my possession yet, as I've only recently become interested in fashion and style. It would be really difficult to choose just one, because I LOVE all of my accessories: my watches, sunglasses, socks, shoes, ties, and scarves. :-)
Who takes the pictures for your blog and which camera do you use?
​Most people tend to find it hard to believe, but I take all of my pictures by myself, with nothing more than my iPhone 6, a tripod, and a bluetooth remote shutter. I'm terribly shy in person, and where I live, you don't really see bloggers out and about taking photos around town, so I always keep things on the lowdown. :-)

How do you manage the demands of working full-time while maintaining your blog, and do you have any particular strategies for staying organised?
​It was a little challenging at first, but I've worked it out, almost down to a science. :-) I take my outfit photos in the mornings when I pull into the parking garage (which is where I take my photos). I get everything set up, take my photos, and pack it all up to head to work in about 7 or 8 minutes. At lunch, I'll go through my photos, pick the ones I like, touch them up (I only adjust brightness, contrast, and colour, no retouching or anything), and then I'll type up my post for the day, and upload the photos. When you do it with enough repetition, you get pretty proficient at it. :-)
What do you see happening for your blog in the future, and how would you like to see it develop?
​Personally, I've never really given any long-term thought to my blog. I don't really treat it as a business. I treat it as nothing more than my personal style diary, which I use to see how my style has evolved over the months/years. As for my Terry's Two Cents blog, probably my biggest current accomplishment is my weekly recap that I do of each episode of Project Runway. I review the top and bottom looks of the episode, and offer my opinion (or "two cents") of what I think of them. For a second season now, I'm thrilled that I am collaborating with a former contestant on the show. We do a sort of "he said, she said" type of post each week.

Blogging is so competitive nowadays with countless blogs vying for our attention. Do you have any words of wisdom for new bloggers on how to make a strong impression in the blogosphere?
​I've never really been all that strong in the blogosphere, and I've always been perfectly happy with that. The one thing that I always tell other bloggers when they ask what they should do, is that it's their blog. The only person that they have to answer to is themselves. No boss, no shareholders, or CEOs. You always have full creative control, and can do whatever you want, and whatever makes you happy. Sometimes I feel like a lot of bloggers forget this. 

Thanks so much Terry for doing the interview and sharing your story with us!

All images are by Terry and are used with kind permission