19 October 2015

Chasing the Light

Autumn has well and truly arrived here in London, and while I can't say I care too much for the colder weather, I do love the deeper colours of the season, and the chance to wear cosier clothing, like this purple floral jumper and faux fur coat. I just love the digital floral print on the jumper, which is from the new Oasis collection featuring images by photographer John Grant. I love pieces like this, which allow us to introduce art into our everyday attire, and are in essence wearable art.

I was really glad to capture these images, as I was indeed chasing the light on this particular afternoon. I couldn't use the first location I went to and had to abandon my plans, as some unexpected people arrived just as I was setting up my tripod, and started unloading things from a van. I had to go to a second location, then finally back home, in order to capture all the images. Despite my careful planning, I faced many interruptions while I was outside, both from curious humans, and a less welcome intrusion, from a brazen rodent (eek!). By the end of this outing. I was relieved to get back home, where I took the detail shots.

I hope you like the images that were the result of my perilous expedition, and the melodramatic narrative that accompanies my fashion!

Will you be wearing floral prints this winter? Do you view fashion as a form of everyday art? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

This shot was accidental, but I quite liked it.
Jumper - Oasis
Coat - Oasis 
Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben de Lisi (similar)
Footwear - Lonsdale
Bag - Pylones (formerly Octopus)
Sunglasses - Ted Baker at T.K Maxx (similar)
Hair slide - Fenwick


  1. A very foxy look, Saba! Damn those brazen van people and curious rodents :-D


    1. Haha! Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it.


  2. Haha, I definitely know what you mean with plans falling apart. Last weekend we wanted to shoot at a castle, drove 150kms to it, couldn't shoot there, headed 100kms further to our plan B location and that was closed also. Days like those really do suck. At least you managed to capture your look in the end :)


    1. Hi Patricia! It's so lovely to have you visit. Thank you for dropping by! That sounds very chaotic. I hope you were able to capture your images in the end, and achieve what you set out to do. The images on your blog are always fabulous anyway, despite the setbacks!


  3. So lovely look!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you for dropping by, and for your sweet comment!

      I hope you have a fab day too!


  4. You look lovely! I adore the floral print.

    1. Thanks so much Mikayla! You have excellent taste so I'm glad you approve!

      Saba x