29 February 2016

Beauty Review - Thalgo Collagen Eye Programme

For this blog post, I thought it would be helpful to do a review of an exciting range of beauty products which I’ve started using as part of my skincare routine. I’ve been using the Thalgo Collagen Eye Programme since October of last year, and based on my observations over the past four months, I thought now would be the perfect time to review them and share my experience with you. 

Thalgo is a French brand which harnesses the properties of a special type of marine algae in its products. The Collagen Eye Programme appealed to me as I was looking for a product that would step up my simple skincare routine and make it more targeted towards anti-ageing. The kit contains the full size Collagen Eye Roll-On (15ml), two pairs of the Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks, and the Gentle Make-Up Remover for Eyes and Lips. The products come in a convenient white travel bag with a purple zip, which keeps them all together and is perfect for a weekend away.

The Collagen Eye Roll-On
The eye gel in this product is dispensed nicely and evenly with its rollerball feature, applying a light pressure to the eye area. Ordinarily, it’s not advisable to be heavy-handed when it comes to the area around the eyes, as rubbing or pulling on the skin can lead to lines and signs of ageing. However, circulation around the eye area can become sluggish with time, and the Collagen Eye Roll-On applies just the right amount of pressure to give it a little boost. I’ve been using the product nightly, and the 15ml tube lasted me at least three and a half months. If it’s used day and night, it would of course run out in half the time. Personally, I always make sure I use a different eye cream which contains SPF during the daytime as the first line of defence against ageing, so I’ve been keeping the Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll-On for nightly use only. Also, night time is the best time for your creams and gels to take effect, as your skin does a lot of its healing during the time you’re asleep, especially between the hours of 11pm-3am.

I normally dot a small amount of gel on the eye area using the rollerball first, then pat it in lightly using my ring finger, until it disappears. With eye creams, less is definitely more, as over-applying products can lead to puffiness and undo the good results we’re trying to achieve. Overall, this is a very pleasing product to use, and has a nice texture and light fragrance. It doesn’t feel too heavy and is absorbed easily into the skin.

Gentle Make-Up Remover for Eyes and Lips
This product comes in a 35ml bottle, and is paraben free like all of Thalgo’s products. I used it recently to remove fairly heavy eyeliner after taking the photos for my last blog post (All in the Details). It has quite a rich texture and removes the make-up effectively, without stinging the eyes or causing dryness. After taking most of my eyeliner off with cotton wool pads soaked in the make-up remover, I then used cotton buds with the product on them to get rid of the last few traces along the lash line. That seemed to do the trick, so I didn’t have to go to bed with panda eyes and age by eight days in the course of one night. I wasn't wearing any lipstick, but based on this I'm sure the make-up remover would work just as well on lips too.

Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks
Before investing in the Collagen Eye Programme, I’d been using these eye-patch masks on their own once a week to revive tired eyes, and they were my first introduction to the Thalgo brand. They come in a pack which is foil-like on the inside, and has a solution in it to keep the masks moist until they’re opened. The instructions are simple enough. Lightly press down the patches under each eye to ensure good contact, and leave them on for ten minutes until dry, then dispose of after use. I find this is a really good lift for tired eyes when I want to look my very best, and before taking outfit photos for the blog. The eye area is firmer to the touch, and remains that way for a good while. It leaves no trace of anything on the skin, so you can apply your eye cream afterwards in the normal way, without needing to rinse anything off.

I bought the Thalgo Collagen Eye Programme for a modest £30. I was surprised to discover later that the products normally cost more on their own than what I paid for the entire kit with four items in it, plus the travel pouch. When I searched online, the full size Collagen Eye Roll-On by itself (15ml) was around £30 on beauty websites. I’m not sure why the cost varies so much with different retailers, but I recommend comparing prices and getting the entire kit if you can. I bought the Collagen Eye Programme from a beauty salon which stocks Thalgo products in my area, but you can look up stockists near to where you live on the Thalgo official website (www.thalgo.co.uk/instituts). 

My verdict
I find these products really pleasant to use. They have a nice fragrance and suit my skin, which is quite sensitive, and doesn’t usually respond well if I try using a skincare product from a more expensive range. My eye area feels refreshed and lifted after using the collagen roll-on nightly, and the eye masks weekly. I intend to carry on using these products for as long as possible. I only wish they were a bit more widely available.

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27 February 2016

All in the Details

Life has been busy lately, with lots of unexpected things coming my way, and I've been wanting to return to the blog so much and get posting again. But I haven’t had much success taking outfit photos this month, as the weather has been really windy and cold every time I’ve ventured outside, and so my resulting efforts were not very good. At the same time, I’ve had lots of serious considerations on my mind, which revolve around earning a living, and the kind of future I hope to create for myself. Being independent is of the utmost importance, and is linked to all these things. 

I try to keep the blog as a form of escapism, and don’t like to refer to serious subjects too much, as those things infringe on life all the time anyway, so it’s a relief sometimes to keep my blog separate from everyday concerns and setbacks. Lately I’ve been feeling like something was dulling my shine, and oppressing my spirits. But I'm trying my best to stay positive, and fashion is something which helps me to do that. 

On that positive note, I would like to share these images with you, of an outfit I wore recently. You may recall the purple floral jumper, which has been shown on the blog before (Chasing the Light). The embellished combats are from a long time ago, and they come in useful sometimes when I want a more relaxed alternative to tailored trousers. I added my vintage marcasite necklace from the 1930s, my butterfly hair grip with some purple tones which match the jumper, and a slick of eyeliner for a polished look, which I’ve tried to show more clearly in the indoor photos. I find that details like this really complete a look and make a world of difference. When it comes to fashion, I feel there are no unimportant details, as everything contributes to that final statement. Do you agree, or perhaps you prefer a more spontaneous approach to getting dressed? 

Jumper - Oasis
Trousers - Asos 
Shoes - BHS (similar)
Sunglasses - T.K Maxx (similar)
Necklace - Covent Garden Market (similar)
Butterfly hair grip - Accessorize (similar)

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