30 June 2016

Ultimate Vegas Outfit challenge

I'm really excited to share this look with you. I was recently asked to participate in a weekly style challenge for bloggers arranged by the people at Vegas.com, to showcase my #Ultimate Vegas Outfit. While the city's night life is the main attraction for many, I chose to put together a look that's suitable for daytime, with different textures and a sheeny finish. I thought this outfit would be ideal for a day spent sight-seeing and exploring the city on foot, including the iconic Vegas Strip. The embroidered bomber jacket is my latest find, and is currently on sale at New Look, and the blue jeans are from a brand which is new to me but which I'm very happy with, Mantaray at Debenhams.

I've never been to Vegas before, but I'm inspired by its glamorous hotels and resorts. As Vegas gets quite hot, my purple lace top with bows would be just right for the warm temperatures, while the lightweight bomber jacket would be the perfect cover-up to transition to an evening look, as the lovely embroidered detail gives it a dressed-up feel for night time. The jeans and copper-toned ballet pumps would allow me to walk around the city freely, without feeling restricted. Finally, my holographic 'love' handbag adds a glamorous finishing touch and is roomy enough for my beauty essentials, so I could freshen up before hitting the town.

I hope you like my #Ultimate Vegas Outfit! If you're planning a trip to Vegas, you can find inspiration from this helpful page. What would you wear on a trip to Vegas? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for dropping by. x

Jacket - New Look
Jeans - Debenhams
Top - (similar)
Shoes - BHS
Bag - (similar)
Sunglasses - (similar)
Tiger stud earrings - (similar)

1 June 2016

Burgundy State of Mind

For these outfit photos, I decided I was quite intent on wearing my burgundy lace blouse, even though it wasn’t the most sensible choice when I woke up the following morning to a very overcast and gloomy day. But I remained quite determined and braved the autumn-like weather conditions to capture these images. With light rain and windy weather to contend with, it wasn’t long before my hair started reverting to type and getting unruly, which is definitely not good! All the blossoms had fallen on the magnolia tree which I took photos of in full bloom a month ago (A Staycation (Part 1), which was a fitting reminder of the importance of making use of time while we have it.

This outfit is one of my more gothic-inspired looks, but less severe I think than an all-black ensemble and relatively make-up free, apart from the eyeliner and a touch of concealer and pink lip balm. I still love my goth looks, but with some colour rather than all-black head-to-toe. I wasn't a ‘typical’ goth in the sense that I would never wear clothing which depicts skulls or anything coffin-like, as those things scare me! So I guess you could say I was rather a tame goth, with more of an emphasis on fashion!

Anyway, this outfit features a very special piece, the burgundy butterfly brooch which was a birthday present from my bestie many years ago. Like all women, I love to wear jewellery which has an emotional importance for me and positive memories, and I always remember the jewellery I wore at particular times and on special occasions. Another thing that must have subconsciously influenced my burgundy state of mind, is the fact that I’ve been listening to the song Burgundy by Warpaint every single day, and working my way through every version of this song. I get so intense sometimes with my musical obsessions!

Do you like this colour and is it something you would wear? Do you also go through phases of listening to the same song repeatedly? Do leave your comments below and let me know what you think!

Top – Oasis (similar)
Blazer - Oasis (similar)
Brooch – gift from my best friend (similar)
Bird stud earrings – Outfit (similar)
Sunglasses – Ted Baker at T.K Maxx (similar)
Footwear - Lonsdale

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