30 September 2016

Goodbye September

Hi everyone! I'm back, after an unexpected break from blogging, to share one of my last summery outfits with you. My routine has been quite hectic lately and I've really missed blogging regularly, so it's lovely to get back to it, now I have some images to share with you. Slowly but surely, I'm seeing signs of autumn around me, but for now I'm choosing to ignore them, as I'm not prepared to embrace colder weather just yet. So please just humour me, as I intend to delude myself for as long as I can.  

For this outfit, I'm wearing a bird print peplum top, which I wore after quite a long time, with dark blue jeans and my copper-toned ballet pumps, as an alternative to my beloved trainers. I love the dark background of the top with the summery bird print, as I think the colour scheme makes the top more wearable and versatile, for a stylish everyday look. I completed this look by adding my new Alecta sunglasses with leopard print round frames, by Foster Grant.   

I wanted to capture some images of these red flowers while they were still in bloom, and make the most of late September before the days get shorter. What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of peplum tops? I like them a lot, as the fit and flare shape is really flattering and not too clingy.  
Midway through my photo session, I was upstaged by this squirrel.
Top - similar
Jeans - Principles Petite by Ben De Lisi (exact)
Shoes - similar
Sunglasses - Foster Grant
Bird stud earrings - similar
Necklace - vintage, Covent Garden Market (similar)

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  1. Nice to have you back! Peplum tops suit you a lot. I like them too, but don't own any yet. The sunglasses are cute! No way did the squirrel upstage you! xx

    1. Haha! That's really sweet of you. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like everything! xx

  2. Such an adorable squirrel! I love it when they come in my photos too. I'm a huge fan of peplum tops, I own quite a few and I find them extremely flattering actually. They really show off the waist and hide any muffin top, which is what I love about them.

    That's funny you refuse to embrace Autumn, I'm loving it. It's absolutely freezing these days and I can't cope with it, ha ha. I'm needing to wear so many layers, it's crazy!

    I was thinking when I was looking at these photos though, you would look great in skinny or straight leg jeans, Saba! You have the right proportions for them and they would be so flattering with tops like this.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Hey Lorna! I know what you mean, I like it when a squirrel makes a cameo appearance during a photo shoot! I'm glad you like peplum tops too, they're definitely more forgiving than very close-fitting styles. However, I don't think you need to worry about so-called muffin tops at all!

      It sounds like a sensible plan to start piling on the layers! I was feeling quite cold today and need to buy a new hot water bottle!

      Thanks so much for the denim advice! I've only ever worn bootcut jeans, and skinny ones scare me! But I'm thinking of trying straight leg jeans as you suggested, for a little more variety! xxx

    2. I think you should give them a go! They don't need to be super skinny, but what is it that scares you about them? I think skinny jeans are more fashionable and more popular than bootcut jeans now. You rarely see the bootcut ones out, I think they would look amazing on you in a slimmer fit! xx.

    3. I get scared of anything which might feel constraining around my legs, if that makes sense! I agree, it's harder to get hold of bootcut jeans nowadays, compared to their availability on the high street ten years ago. I prefer them as they balance out wider hips. However, I'd like to give straight cut jeans a chance, if I can find a pair that fits me! xx

  3. Hi saba...I understand how you feel when autumn and especially cold is coming...(now came)...I lived in Spain almost 4 years and now I returned to my village in italy, in the north and I've to get used again to dark sky and cold temperatures and different habits....I try to find other hobbies like reading, going to the cine and chilling out at home or with friends...I'm in love with the squirrel...is so cute...^^
    Regarding peplum tops I'm not so used to wear...but I think are very classy and depending on the pattern could be very elegant!

    1. Hi Sophia! It must have been tough to leave Spain, and adjust to the colder climate in your village in Italy. I agree, cosy nights in and evenings at the movies are a fun way to avoid the cold!

      I agree, peplum tops can look really lovely and help disguise wobbly bits, ha ha! However, you'd look fab in anything and don't need to worry about that! xx