7 January 2018

Birthday Girl

Hi everybody! I hope you're well and had a great start to the New Year. It's been a while since my Halloween blog post, which was the last time I posted here. I'm thrilled to be sharing a new outfit with you finally, after braving the cold temperatures to capture these images today. It was my birthday three days ago, and I put together this look to mark the occasion. 

My actual birthday was a working day, which I was glad about, because I love to be in the library where I work. As my weekday routine is normally quite hectic and I travel for a minimum of two hours each day, I was glad to spend the evening at home, and didn't have big plans to go out for my birthday. I distributed some fancy chocolates at work, which is the trend whenever it's somebody's birthday, and received some lovely greetings from friends and family, and a card from my colleagues which had lots of messages inside. They even burst into a rendition of Happy Birthday when presenting me with the card, which was very unexpected, but lovely.

Rather than material goods, my family kindly gave me money to choose whatever I wanted for my birthday, as they know I'm quite selective with the things I like. On Saturday evening, I prepared the things I needed for my photo session the next day, as I wanted to leave the house early and make the most of the daylight. These days, we only get daylight for eight hours, so it's important to move quickly when planning a photo session. I like to have my things in place and all my camera gear checked and ready to go, as well as preparing my clothes. 

I wasn't prepared for the cold though, and it took me by surprise! It was sunny, but the wind chill factor was treacherous. Taking pictures was proving quite hard, so I'm glad I was able to capture these images. I got the last few detail shots at home. I hope you like this post and the outfit images!

For this look, I decided to don a sweet flower crown with red paper roses, which I got from Claire's Accessories, my black fit and flare coat with metallic clasps on the front, and my silver and marcasite fairy brooch, which looks like it's from the art nouveau era. As the outfit was mostly unseen and I was wearing dark jeans, I thought the accessories would add a touch of elegance to an otherwise understated look.  

Overall it was a positive birthday week. My birthday celebration was low-key like me, but lovely. 

Please let me know what you think of my birthday look in the comments below! Thanks so much for dropping by. Take care and hope to see you very soon! Lots of love Saba xx

Coat - similar
Jeans - similar
Flower crown - Claire's Accessories (exact)
Swallow stud earrings - similar
Fairy brooch - similar
Bag - Debenhams (exact)

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