14 January 2015

All Grown Up In Leopard Print - My Birthday Outfit

Earlier this month it was my birthday, and this is the outfit I wore to mark the occasion. I didn't depart much from my everyday style as I still wanted to feel like me, albeit a polished version of myself. I wore a brand new blazer with a lovely fitted shape, which I'd first seen and tried on three months earlier, and was able to buy for much less in the post-Christmas sales. The leopard print peplum is a real life-saver in my wardrobe, and has been my most faithful top. It's made from a very forgiving material which is quite heavy and has a lovely stretch to it. I've worn it time and time again, from spring through to autumn. I love clothes that can serve me well for more than one season, and have that well-loved, familiar feel.  

Blazer - Oasis, Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben De Lisi (similar),Leopard Print 
Top - Miss Selfridge, Necklace (Vintage) Ebay, Handbag AmazonGloves - Tu 
(Sainsbury's), Sunglasses - Ted Baker at T.K Maxx, Footwear - Lonsdale

The swan bag has appeared on the blog before, in one of my favourite posts (Goth Love (Part 3) - Burgundy Lace, Sharp Tailoring, and my Winter Denial). The main difference to my style was that I wore an extra special necklace, my antique silver and marcasite fairy necklace, which I was very lucky to find on Ebay after a long search. I acquired it after a lively bidding war, which was quite nerve-racking but ultimately worthwhile. It's somewhat fancier than my everyday jewellery, and so I rarely wear it, but on my birthday it seemed appropriate to take it out. After all, it feels sad to have beautiful things stored away, which never see the light of day. 

My birthday itself was quite low-key, partly out of choice but also because of the cold weather. I opted for a small celebration, which consisted of going to the movies for a matinee screening, my absolute favourite thing to do, followed by a visit from family in the evening. I saw Birdman, which was very refreshing and witty, and quite unexpected, as I'd avoided reading any reviews beforehand that might give too much away. Aside from the plot, Edward Norton, who I've long adored, was looking mighty fine too. (Though the character he plays in the film is rather obnoxious). 

My favourite gift that I received for my birthday was a pair of stylish colouring books, which feature fashion drawings from the Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras, along with a brief fashion history of how these styles developed, and the social context. I'm looking forward to rediscovering my childhood love of colouring in, which was always strangely soothing. I only hope I can manage to stay within the lines!

Art Nouveau Patterns to Colour
Art Deco Patterns to Colour (by Usborne)

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