23 March 2015

Wild at Heart

Things have been quite hectic of late, and I've been working hard each day to stay on top of things, while pursuing my fashion dreams. Sometimes I wish I could dedicate all my time to fashion and lead a truly artistic life, but it's essential to get the everyday tasks done too, which are a requirement for everything else. And I don't think I would appreciate fashion as much as I do, if it weren't for those other things, which give me a sense of balance and perspective, and keep me grounded and grateful.

These pictures are the first ones I took after becoming the proud owner of a semi-professional camera for the first time, in August last year. I was waiting for the weather to warm up before posting the images to my blog. I will wear this outfit often over the coming months, with a variation of necklace and handbag sometimes. Those of you who've visited my blog before may recall the leopard-print top from my birthday post in January, where it was styled with a dramatic vintage necklace and fitted blazer. That was one of my favourite looks, but this is the way I wear it most often, with a necklace made from black crochet material which I love. 

(This post was originally going to be called 'Where the Wild Things Are', but then I decided on 'Wild at Heart' instead, which is also the name of one of David Lynch's best and most atmospheric films in my view.) 
Leopard-print top - Miss Selfridge, Black basic top (worn underneath) - H & M, Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben De Lisi - similar, Footwear - Lonsdale, Sunglasses - Ted Baker at T.K Maxx, Handbag - Amazon, Crochet necklace - Etsy (similar)

Watch - Sekonda

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  1. Just love stopping by your blog, you look amazing.

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