30 June 2015

Flowers at Dusk

Lately flowers seem to be popping up everywhere, including in my clothing and jewellery choices, as you can see from this floral top and crochet necklace combination. I quite like wearing more girly pieces like this sometimes, as long as I can make them a little more edgy, and not feel like I've had a personality transplant. It was blazing hot today, and although I love the summer, it's a little discouraging when you leave the house looking nice, only to arrive at work looking like a red-faced, panting lunatic. I wish I was one of those people who can look composed in all weathers, but unhappily, neither extreme seems to suit me. Luckily I captured these images on a recent weekend when the sun was about to set, and temperatures were a little cooler. I hope you're all enjoying the season and feeling ready for July. If you like Truly Madly Deeply Fashion, remember to add me on Bloglovin' for instant updates as well as other social media, and do leave your comments below. It's always lovely to hear from readers and know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week!
Blouse - A Wear
Trousers - Principles Petite by Ben De Lisi (similar)
Basic black top - H & M
Handbag - Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams
Necklace - Etsy (similar)
Sunglasses - Ted Baker at T.K Maxx
Watch - Sekonda (similar)
Footwear - Lonsdale


  1. Hi Emma! Thanks so much for visiting this post. I remember this day, it was quite a long time ago! I'm really glad you like this look, and the bag! xx